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Celeste & June

Our family owned company was created to bring great European design to your doorstep. These products for mom, baby and kiddos are made in Spain and have been tested, worn and adored by us. We love them so much we wanted to share them with you too! Here you can find a collection of some of our favorites, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Introducing WayMilk

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Designed for moms & babies

In almost all women, a few days after giving birth, their breast milk comes in so fast and so intense that the breasts fill up causing strain and in some cases pain, provoking the dreaded mastitis.

Given the increase in volume that the breasts experience, it’s important to use nursing bras that reduce not only the tension of the skin but also the breast muscles.

The WayMilk nursing bra is designed with an innovative and exclusive system of two elastic bands crossed and two lateral reinforcements that provide the correct support of the breast. The right support helps prevent the excessive growth of the breasts when the mother’s milk comes in and thus guarantees better breast care short and long term.

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"When my milk came in I got so much relief with the WayMilk breastfeeding bra, in my first pregnancy I did not have it and I suffered a lot of pain, with this bra that did not happen to me." (original Spanish)

-Mara José, Sevilla Spain

"I bought the WayMillk nursing bras in my first pregnancy and I have bought them again now, they are very comfortable to breastfeed and they also support the breast so well. Thank you." (original Spanish)

-Elena, Barcelona Spain

"I tried multiple nursing bras with my first son. They had no support, I suffered with engorgement, multiple rounds of mastitis. Once I started wearing the WayMilk bra consistently I pretty much never took it off. I now have two to rotate in and out. So thankful for a nursing bra that works for pumping, nursing and comfort!"

-Taylor, Chapel Hill NC

"I was exclusively pumping with my first child and sleeping in sports bras to try and prevent engorgement. My sisters recommended this bra and I have never looked back. I hate when I have to do laundry and have to wear a different bra until it’s done drying! I literally live in this bra.."

-Treanna, Raleigh NC

"I recommended them to all my friends, aside from being very comfortable, I didn't get any stretch marks on my boobs!" (original Spanish)

Graciela, Gijón Spain