WayMilk FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the WayMilk nursing bra. We hope they are helpful for you!

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How do I chose the right size for the WayMilk nursing bra?
During pregnancy your breasts will grow due to changes in hormones. From the 7th month of pregnancy onwards your breasts will have grown (or not) as much as they will so we recommend measuring yourself anytime after the 7th month. It is not recommended that you order a size larger in order to compensate for engorgement when your milk production comes in because the WayMilk nursing bra is specifically designed to accommodate this growth for nursing.

Why does the opening for nursing seem so small?
The two band system of the WayMilk nursing bra is designed to give adequate support of the breasts, but when it comes time to nurse, the bands can be pulled back as much as you would like so that the breast is exposed and baby is in direct contact with mom. 

Can I sleep with the WayMilk nursing bra on?
Yes, In fact we recommend never taking the WayMilk nursing bra off at least until the mother's milk production is regulated in order to prevent excessive engorgement of the breasts that puts strain on the skin. You'll receive this and all other benefits of the WayMilk nursing bra by wearing it consistently.

How can I exchange my WayMilk nursing bra for a different size?
We are happy to exchange your bra for a different size. Please see our exchange policy here for more information. 

Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with the WayMilk nursing bra?
Absolutely! If you are not happy with your purchase of the WayMilk nursing bra, we will give you 100% of your money back. Please see our return policy here for more information. 

Does it come in any other colors besides white?
At the moment the WayMilk nursing bra only comes in white. 

Is there anywhere else I can buy the WayMilk nursing bra?
The WayMilk nursing bra is sold exclusively online through WayMilk and Celeste & June. If you are located in Spain, the WayMilk nursing bra can be purchased directly through the WayMilk website here

Who pays for the shipping costs for a return or exchange of the WayMilk nursing bra?
All shipping costs associated with returns must be paid by the consumer. For exchanges, the return of the bra must be paid for by the client and Celeste & June will cover the shipping for the new bra sent back to you. Celeste & June offers free shipping for your purchase with us. Please see our return policy here for more information. 

Can I use the WayMilk nursing bra while I'm pregnant?
Of course! The WayMilk nursing bra can be used as a pregnancy bra as well. Although the bra is designed specifically for the lactation period, given its innovative system of two crossed bands, it gives such great support that many moms-to-be have chosen this bra as their pregnancy bra as well, especially those who have a large bosom. The WayMilk nursing bra can be used during pregnancy without any contraindications. 

Does the WayMilk nursing bra prevent the breast from growing as it would naturally during pregnancy?
No, during pregnancy the breast will naturally grow (or not) due to hormonal changes. The size and weight of the breasts will increase as the mammary glands proliferate and secretory cells multiply. The WayMilk nursing bra does not impede this growth. 

Does the WayMilk nursing bra inhibit the mother's milk from coming in?
No, the WayMilk bra does not hinder the production of the mother's milk nor inhibit it from coming in. Lactation begins in the brain, the mother's milk coming in is a result of the stimulation of the prolactin created in the mammary alveoli. Prolactin is the hormone that is released by the pituitary gland. During pregnancy the high levels of estrogen keep this hormone at bay, but at the end of pregnancy, the estrogen levels decline thus allowing this hormone responsible for milk production to be released.