"When my milk came in I got so much relief with the WayMilk breastfeeding bra, in my first pregnancy I did not have it and I suffered a lot of pain, with this bra that did not happen to me." (original Spanish)
-Mara José, Sevilla Spain
"I tried multiple nursing bras with my first son. They had no support, I suffered with engorgement, multiple rounds of mastitis. Once I started wearing the WayMilk bra consistently I pretty much never took it off. I now have two to rotate in and out. So thankful for a nursing bra that works for pumping, nursing and comfort!"
-Taylor, Chapel Hill NC
"I recommended them to all my friends, aside from being very comfortable, I didn't get any stretch marks on my boobs!" (original Spanish)
-Graciela, Gijón Spain
"I bought the WayMillk nursing bras in my first pregnancy and I have bought them again now, they are very comfortable to breastfeed and they also support the breast so well. Thank you." (original Spanish)
-Elena, Barcelona Spain
"I was exclusively pumping with my first child and sleeping in sports bras to try and prevent engorgement. My sisters recommended this bra and I have never looked back. I hate when I have to do laundry and have to wear a different bra until it’s done drying! I literally live in this bra. It’s so comfortable and I love how easy it is to nurse. I feel like I am not completely exposed because of the layer underneath, my nipple is accessible for my son but my whole boob isn’t out. I also use it for pumping and can go hands free. I love this bra and would definitely recommend getting at least two of them!"
-Treanna, Raleigh NC
"You don't have to hold your breast in place while nursing, for that I think this bra is awesome!" (original Spanish)
-Natalia, Gijón Spain
"It's really comfortable, I recommend it."  (original Spanish)
-Marta, Villaviciosa Spain
"They are the only nursing bras that actually support the breast of all the ones I've tried." (original Spanish)
-Patricia, Madrid Spain