WayMilk Nursing Bra

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The WayMilk nursing bra is designed with an innovative and exclusive system of two elastic bands crossed and two lateral reinforcements that provide the correct support of the breast. The right support helps prevent the excessive growth of the breasts when the mother’s milk comes in and thus guarantees better breast care short and long term.

In almost all women, a few days after giving birth, their breast milk comes in so fast and so intense that the breasts fill up causing strain and in some cases pain, provoking the dreaded mastitis.

Given the increase in volume that the breasts experience, it’s important to use nursing bras that reduce not only the tension of the skin but also the breast muscles. 


  • Helps prevent one of the causes of mastitis: keeps the mother’s milk from accumulating in the breast, by helping it to flow through the natural duct, the nipple, and thus avoiding infection and inflammation in the mammary glands.
  • Helps prevent stretch marks: impedes the excessive engorgement of the breast and therefore the possibility of the elastic fibers breaking.
  • Helps prevent sagging of the breasts: as the breasts are well supported and the milk volume does not increase excessively, the breasts weigh less so the muscles do not suffer as much strain.
  • Facilitates the baby’s ability to nurse: the mother’s milk is able to flow easily through the nipple given the correct position and support of the bra.
  • Helps mothers be able to nurse in public places: given the innovative design of the WayMilk nursing bra, as the baby nurses, the breast remains covered by the mesh interior of the bra which also holds the breast in place so mom doesn’t have to worry about holding the breast in the correct position.
  • Helps prevent the nipples from cracking as the bra holds the nipple in the correct position for baby to latch and suck.
  • Can be used as a pumping bra: the interior mesh design of the bra also holds most breast pumps in place so you can pump hands free without having to put on a different bra. 

We strongly recommend that the bra be worn at least until the milk production is stable. In order to receive all of the benefits of the WayMilk bra, the bra should not be taken off while you are lactating.


The WayMilk nursing bra comes in various sizes determined by your band width. Given its flexible structure, the cup size is of less importance. It is important to measure yourself for the WayMilk nursing bra after your 7th month of pregnancy, as your breasts will have grown in preparation for breastfeeding your baby. (This is a generalization and does not occur in all cases, do not worry if your breasts have not changed in size). 


First measure your band. With no clothing on, wrap a measuring tape around yourself just below your breasts, making sure the tape is even all the way around. 

Next, measure your bust. Wrap the tape around you at the fullest part of your breasts, again making sure it is even all the way around. 

If your bust size is within 2 inches of your band size, then your band size is the size you should chose for your WayMilk bra.

If your bust size is more than 2 inches of your bust size, then you should chose the next size up from your band size for your WayMilk bra.


  • Emily's band size is 34 and her bust size is 36. Her WayMilk bra size is a 34.
  • Julie's band size is 40 and her bust size is 43. Her WayMilk bra size is a 42.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help determine the best size for you. If you do not see your size available, please let us know. 


34 90
36 95
38 100
40 105
42 110
44 115


Please note that as a product of Spain, the WayMilk nursing bra comes in Spanish sizes. The chart above shows the conversion to US sizing for your information. 


Put on the WayMilk bra after giving birth before your milk comes in.

Do not take the bra off for as long as you are lactating as the breasts will increase in size without the bra (should you have to remove the bra for any reason you should notice a change in your breast size within a few hours).

The bra is worn correctly when the nipples and areolas are showing within the openings of the mesh interior lining.

Adjust the straps so that your breasts sit comfortably in their natural position.

Adjust the band width so that the bra holds your breasts firmly in place.

If you wear nursing pads with the bra, place them between the mesh lining and the cotton exterior so that the mesh is always directly against your skin.

The bra should never be so tight it causes pain or is uncomfortable. Its system of crossed bands and lateral reinforcements are designed to hold and support the breast but should never be too tight. If your bra is too tight, check your measurements and the bra size to make sure they are correct, you may need to go up a size.

If the lateral tabs (just below the armpit) are bothersome, you can take them out of the lining. Their function is solely esthetic and will not affect the function of the bra. 


In order to best conserve your WayMilk bra, it should be washed with like colors and hung to dry. Placing the bra in the dryer can cause damage.